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Making Music All Around the World…
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Making Music All Around the World…

Mooremapp Records, Inc. is founded by Angelo Moore and Keno Mapp. Making Music All Around the World covering all genres from Funk, Psychedelic, Rock and Reggae to Gospel, Jazz, Electronica, Ambience, Alternative R&B and Soul to children’s lullabies. Because of history within the industry, it only makes sense to share and help make sure that some of the Best Artist of our Time are never overlooked in this vast music market, assured and help maintain Artist Music Legacy forever. We are honored to have some of the best musicians from around the world within our family, bringing to you cutting edge music that is rich in form with our ever moving trends and is made with one thing in mind, making sure we feel through Music.

Welcome to Mooremapp Records, Inc. We are sure that as you browse through our library, you will find all that your ears have been looking for.

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