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We’re more than your typical music company. We combine technology, strategy, relationships and experience to reach the ears that matter—the people who will buy your music.
With more than 500 distributed labels and hundreds of digital stores worldwide, BFM is more than a digital distributor. We are your digital partner.

If you wander the hallways of BFM Digital, you hear it constantly. “Listen to this.” That simple phrase is at the core of why we’re in this business and how we do business.

We’re listeners.  We listen, so you can be heard.

We listen to the music

We’re in this business because we’re passionate about the sound, the heart and the energy of music. We’re committed to our clients’ success, but just as vital, we are committed to the effort, creativity and devotion they’ve put into creating the music.

“A distributor that actually listens to our music and believes that our music is worthy of representing! It truly motivated me more to put in work.”

–Chantal Grayson, The Rocturnals

We listen to our clients

We listen to their music and to the direction of their careers. Working with them one-on-one, we increase awareness of their music and the voice of their brand through our industry relationships, marketing campaigns and promotional opportunities.

“With so many digital aggregator companies to choose from in the market, BFM Digital is an obvious choice for the indie label and artist, as it provides the customer service, marketing assistance and creative brainstorming that the others fail miserably at.”

–Tanvi Patel VP/Managing Director, Point Classics

We listen to the marketplace

We track changes in the industry and anticipate where it is headed: What music is selling? How are people discovering new music? What emerging technologies, services and tools will benefit our clients? What developing trends will support a more effective release schedule?

We listen to the digital stores and services

We work with our digital stores every day to promote and position our clients and their music: what are the services are listening to, playing and promoting? How can we target featured placements with a focused strategy? We think outside-the-box for innovative ways to garner attention for our clients and make them stand out from the noise.



We go beyond advocacy: we champion our clients’ work to convey to the stores the same excitement and enthusiasm we feel about the music. All of this listening shapes how we value our clients. It also determines how we deliver value to our clients.


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